Saturday, January 30, 2016

A random moment from the process of creating Barbara Parker's new recording; a process that took several months and happened to fall, on one evening, on Pres' Harding's birthday (Pres had no problem being in the studio on the night of his birthday, His anniversary, however, was off limits. Good for him.). As the project evolved, finding it's way to the place it needed to be, so did the personnel, landing on a core rhythm section of Pres Harding - guitars, Ray Anthony - drums, and me doing the left hand bass thing from the keyboard. Every group of musicians finds their own center of gravity. In this case the center is a little off (center) from my own, which makes it fun for me, and on target for where Barbara is coming from, and wants to go. At the final rehearsal for Barbara's CD release concert (tomorrow at the Mainstay) the chemistry was apparent. So it's a thing. For me, a thing among things. A good thing.


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