Wednesday, December 30, 2015

When I go from one "performance venue" to another, I'm really not moving at all, if I am where I need to be. If I play the cozy little "piano bar" at JR's Pub one night, then sit in as a guest musician at a large church (guessing they seat near to 1,000 in this room) for 3 Christmas Eve services, I am playing in the same space, even if they are over 100 miles apart and the music is different. it's about being, in the space, in the moment. 
What I bring to a performance situation could be described as aptitude or inclination that looks to connect with that which is around me. Or perhaps I say; being myself, in sync with the context. It's all a surrender, a succumbing, a prayer, when it is where it needs to be. 
Hope you had a nice Christmas. 
And Happy New Year! 


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