Friday, May 29, 2015

I keep thinking that the picture posting (going on two years now) is going to stop, but it just keeps happening. Here is the picture I posted on Facebook (my timeline) today (taken 4/27). This phase of my explorations has helped me to clarify how it is that I make music, and as such, has helped me to connect more deeply from the piano. In short, I don't put things together, I see what is already there. I've always been that way, but with less of a handle on my own process than I now have. And the one thing that I can't escape, is the link between practice time and this connection. I recently watched a short documentary on (the classical pianist) Glenn Gould. In, I think, his early twenties, he essentially sequestered himself for several years, spending nearly all of his time at the piano. The commentator said "this was the period in which he became Glenn Gould." I get it. Talent, or aptitude, or the inclination toward something is the seedling to be cultivated, or the coins we are given to invest. This can be taken in many directions, but my point here is that the last few years have seen an increase in my practice discipline, and I have seen it's fruit. There is a time and a season for everything, and I am grateful to find myself where I am, right now. And as if the time I spend at home at the piano every day isn't enough, I am also spending considerable time walking, often in the early morning, and feeling my connection to that which is around me. Essentially, it's just more practicing working in "the space". What allows me to do this is the impact it has had (on me, personally, and) on my performances in the evening. Over the last several years I have transitioned from juggling dozens of recurring senior communities during the day (wearing my Music Therapist hat) to using the daytime to prepare for the evening, and finding, purposefully, that which I would often only trip over before. Yes, it is a leap of faith. And like (the growth in) knowing where and when to point the camera, or express the notes I am given to play; there is a knowing that as I put one foot in front of the other, there will be given a place to land.

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