Sunday, January 25, 2015

Here's a cool story. You may remember, if you have followed me for awhile, the regular gig that Shore Jazz held at Beseme', in Lewes DE, for a few years. When that ended, we found a new home (once a month, anyway), at Jerry's Seafood, also in Lewes. For three years in a row, Roger Dellar, an artist from England, has paid a visit to Jerry's to hear us, while in Lewes for his annual exhibition at the Peninsula Gallery. It's not uncommon to see Roger sketching, from different vantage points, throughout the evening. One of our friends noticed Roger sketching the group from a bar stool, and later commissioned an oil painting from the sketch. Once home, Roger completed the painting, and shipped it back to the States. I paid a visit to our friend's house after our last gig at Jerry's to see the original (and only) oil painting hanging in her entryway. Art breeds art. Just like it's supposed to.    


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