Saturday, August 10, 2013

Meet Cody Leavell, pictured here with Mike McShane, the night of his last local gig (with us) before shipping out with the Glenn Miller Orchestra as their new lead tenor man, back in the Spring. I met Cody last summer, after he returned home from Shennadoah University with his music degree. I wasn't connected with the Rehoboth area when Cody was in high school, but I've heard of the amazing kid who showed great promise n the clarinet and saxophone. Cody is the real deal. And, thanks to Facebook, we all can share the adventure with him. For example, just a few days in, he posted:  "Two of the weirdest things about being on a bus and traveling is that you have no clue were you are and I honestly forget which day of the week it is". I'm sure that, by now, Cody has his sea legs relative to all that. And just in time for a few weeks break. As Cody continues to live the inside out life of the artist, he will, no doubt use his vacation time as an opportunity to stay home. And work. In fact, Cody will be joining Mike and I again on 9/29 at the Delaware Distilling Company (formerly Old Bay Steakhouse) in Rehoboth. Take advantage of the opportunity to see him, if you can.


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