Monday, January 21, 2013

Meet Chris Webb. Recently Chris and Lee (Mrs. Chris) and their bikes found themselves in my vicinity. Thanks to social networking, we arranged to meet up at the coffee shop in Chestertown. Chris is a fellow musician, though we generally run in different circles. He also has a serious recording engineer bug, and worked together with me to produce my "He's Steppin' Out" CD - now 10(!) years ago. The fact that Chris and I are looking at our music through different lens is a double edged sword. Ultimately though, the collaboration of contrasting perspectives can be very beneficial, all the way around. It's good to stay in touch with people who crossed our paths and shared our experiences in the (ever unfolding) timeline. Reconnecting is an opportunity to again touch the moment, and elevate our view of the landscape. Good to see Chris and Lee again! 


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