Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival weekend 2012

This year's Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival was fought and won in the trenches. More than any other Jazz Festival in my awareness, the entire town embraces the event; with many restaurants offering live jazz (in addition to the ticketed headliner events in the larger theater venues), and being rewarded with very enthusiastic support (and full houses).

My participation this year (in the trenches) began Thursday night with Shore Jazz at Just in Thyme. Here's John Ewart looking scholarly:

Friday and Saturday brought two performances (same each day) with "Spontaneous Invention", featuring saxophonist Dave Schiff. Dave's roaring sax was given a roaring reception at Old Bay Steak House:

As long as one hand keeps playing, it's okay for the other to take a picture, right?

Our late show was at Arena's in downtown Rehoboth. This turned out to be a great venue and setting for jazz.

On Saturday night, Holly Lane visited (after her show at Cafe Azafran), and payed tribute to Vessa Fulton. Vessa touched and warmed the lives of everyone in her path, and will always be remembered.

On Friday night, 12 year old trumpet sensation Geoff Gallante payed a surprise visit, To our (and the audience‚Äôs) delight, he returned late Saturday night (after performing at 3 other clubs), and proved himself a true jazz man. 

On Sunday morning, Shore Jazz was featured for the jazz brunch at Bethany Blues, beginning at 10am. It didn't take long for the house to fill, and spirits to soar. We quickly became Shore Jazz and Friends; joined by Cody Leveal, Dave Schiff, and (yes, again) Geoff Gallante. Awesome!

Mike McShane (pictured earlier  but hidden above); the ultimate musician in the trenches, was with me on every gig (and played one more later in the day). Safe to say, we got it done. 
A weekend well spent, and well played.


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