Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The view from the piano at Blue House Recording Studio last night. After over 4 years of not having a "home" (with a suitable piano) for (my own) recording, I certainly feel back in the saddle. Will admit to having been spoiled by having the use (and choice of) the 2 nine foot grand pianos at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, DE (when Marc Moss was in residence. He has since moved on). Save that (and thankfully) this is the best piano I've come across (a somewhat shorter Steinway), along with an engineer that is very good, as well as a good fit/compliment for me. 2 sessions have allowed for the completion of tracks for this fall's release ("In the Spirit of Dave McKenna"), and the initial poking into (at least) 3 others (remember who you're reading about here). Even more exciting is that I'm now at the place where the "portal" is more easily opened; allowing for a much more compelling outcome. The momentum this creates is already in play. More to come.  


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