Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blessed with many "things", including a heavy stretch of performing engagements, over last week and this. It made going out for my birthday difficult, with only one clear evening (which wasn't really close to the date) over a two week stretch. This is something my family has learned to adapt to long ago (necessary to go in to any situation with your eyes open. Or, as Super Chicken said to Fred: "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it"). It worked out nice, actually. My cruise show was redirected from Chestertown to St. Michaels on the night before my birthday, so we all drove down to Eatson (in 2 cars) with plenty of time to have a nice dinner at the new Olive Garden. Perhaps the highlight of the evening was when (suddenly, in the blink of an eye) Kratos' drinking cup was found with crayon. No one saw him do it, and (as pictured above, post extraction) everything was in place, and seemingly untouched. It's was pretty funny, in addition to again bringing Super Chicken's admonition to mind. And yes, Kratos got a fresh cup.  


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