Thursday, February 16, 2012

February is often a slow month for musicians. By this time each year, you hear it in the background chatter (among musicians). Sometimes, it's pasted right up front (one musician to another, on stage, after just completing a barnburner tempo: "Whatd'ya got that's slow?" the other: "February"). I'm not really one to stand around, and wait for things to happen (or as the saying goes; "wait for the phone to ring"), though. Goes with not being able to sit still in general, I suppose. Don't let any politician fool you that the economy is recovering, at least not where the "real people" live. We're all in it together, though (or at least most of us, I'm sure). You do what you can do: work hard, and plot the necessary course adjustments. And, just like any other year, Spring is coming.


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