Friday, January 27, 2012

What has happened here? Typically, I would redirect that question to ask: "what is happening here", and then go on about my (gradual) transition to Santa Claus. The real question, though (if there is one) is why, at 51 (in 2012), have I (for the first time) made the hairstyle transformation to the 1970's? I can say that I didn't anticipate my hair growing this long. When I decided (along with my 20-something hair stylist, with no firsthand experience in the '70s - not that we were thinking about that) to go in this direction, it was more of a "whatt'ya know, it woirks" kind of response, each time the hair grew a bit longer. Mid-life crisis? Well, I don't feel in crisis, but perhaps something like a sense of urgency. Not unrelated to my improved practice discipline (and other things) I suspect: Make it happen now, while the sun shines.


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