Sunday, November 20, 2011

There is much I could say about last night's concert at the Mainstay. At whatever point you are standing, you've not the perspective to know which way you are facing compared to any previous point. There are, in fact, many "turning points". Some, however, seem appropriate to mark with a flag as significant on the path. For now I'll just say that the connection in the house was what I know it can be, when I can stay off to the side just enough to limit the impeding. I enjoyed the support and encouragement of many friends and fans last night, giving me the clearest sense yet that the connections are growing.

"We had a wonderful evening listening to you play. Love your interpretations and variations of the themes. Fell in love with the Stories Without Words so had to purchase one at the end. We listened to it all the way home on Sunday. Thanks so much for a delightful entertaining evening."

"You are authentic, open, inviting your audience to experience something alongside you, embracing who you are as an artist and all that you are uniquely gifted to offer the world."

Looking forward, with thanks to all who helped make last evening's concert a success.


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