Sunday, May 29, 2011

The view from my seat at the Avalon Theatre in Easton Maryland, last night, a few minutes before Chick Corea assumed the stage for a solo piano concert. As a baseline, it takes a long time to sort my thoughts about anything into a linear expression (words). This one, I fear, is even more complicated. Many thoughts and emotions, and with their continual presence (intrusion) as the music sounded, a purposed intent of disengaging from all that (within myself) rather to engage, unagendized, what was offered. Of course, I never fully got there, but neither was I entirely selfbound. That’s kind of a big deal, as (I’m coming to understand/believe that) I’ve missed a lot along the way thru impatience, and sparse humility. Some of the emotion I experienced last night was akin to how I felt the first time I heard an Art Tatum recording (at age 17, which incidentally, was the age at which Art Tatum made his first recordings, which were the ones I heard), but only some, and not so powerfully (thankfully). It was an amazing evening, on many levels. A slightly fragile appearing (and possibly slightly inebriated, or something) little man commanded the stage, touching the minds and souls of a very grateful audience. Much more I could say, concerning the evening’s impact on me. Hopefully I can express it here before too long. Thanks to the Avalon Theatre, and to Chick for your visions.


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