Wednesday, January 26, 2011

After the concert last Sunday night at the Washington Grace Church of the Nazarene. I felt as warmly accepted and connected as could be, in an entirely African-American congregation. Also obvious was (is) God at work. The Pastor, in introducing me, read aloud a letter I had written a few weeks before, addressed to the church board. It wasn't intended for that purpose, and as such it felt somewhat out of place. Here is an excerpt:

"Thank you for the opportunity to come and present God’s (general) revelation at Grace Church in a few weeks. I am a Christian musician, and as such, one who strongly believes that all organized sound (just as anything else in God’s creation) is inherently revelatory, and God-glorifying. Being a full time performer for over 30 years, I have long ago reconciled the dilemma of what kind of music a Christian should be involved in: (which is) the highest substantive level possible. I do not believe that God is best served (or honored) by (simply) imitating the shallowness of (any) popular culture. Just as a preacher who is knowledgeable of the Word, and desires to spread it, that it may be used of God according to His purposes; the artist (in my understanding) can be confident that God’s creative wonder also “does not return to me void, but will accomplish the purpose for which I sent it”. Every day, both within and outside the (organized) church, I am blessed with opportunities to, both: connect with God in musical performance, and experience this connection shared with others. When performing in a church setting, I have the additional privilege to speak of these blessings, and openly proclaim God at the center of all of it."
Maybe I was also feeling the (especially familiar right now) sense of loss of control (over the presentation/circumstances). If my self-analysis is close here, than I'll go further, and assume that it was helpful. I have to let go, in order to hold on. Have journaled here, over the last few years, some of the journey of learning to get outside of myself/out of my own way. That's a work of God (grace).  


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