Monday, October 18, 2010

The Joe Holt Trio.What about that? Less than a year ago, I determined it was time to make a move in order to gain access to performance opportunities not easily attainable for solo pianists, and assemble my own little group. Sure, we all put groups together from time to time and slap whoever's name to be politically expedient on them. This was different - a realization of an opportunity not only for access, but for rapport. Once in a while, the bell just goes "ding", and this time, I knew that (my longstanding friend and roommate from the Midiri touring group) Gary Cattley, and (the local drummer with the big heart and matching sleeve, with whom a deep camaraderie has developed) Mike McShane were the guys. We immediately put together the instrumental CD: "Happiness ... A Thing Called Jazz", and then a funny thing happened - we began working with vocalists. First, an unexpected opportunity to present concerts with Felicia Carter, then Beth McDonald tapping the trio for her new CD (Take It From Me) and release concert, then Karen Somerville connecting with us for a featured performance, and now Larzine, performing with the trio in concert, and last weekend in Rehoboth during the jazz festival. Hmmmm. Perhaps the camaraderie and connection between the three of us has indeed "taken". Perhaps these vocalists have felt this, and feel connected to us, and supported by us. Perhaps we're on to something ...      


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