Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet Karen Somerville (pictured with someone who has lost all control of his hair and bow tie). If you've followed me for awhile (at least going back a few years), you'll remember a time when Karen and I performed together often (most memorable, perhaps, was our jointly billed concert at the Prince Theatre in 2006 as part of the Chestertown Tricentennial celebration. "Don't Go to Strangers" is posted on my joeholtsnotes YouTube channel from this show). Another "full circle" path here, and a wonderful evening performing with Karen (along with Mike, Gary, and Dave) for the Inaugural Gala for the installation of the new president of Delaware State University. Can only understand this, and most everything else I'm experiencing, as a deepening of the "connections" made as I make progress (even if baby steps), in learning to get out of my own way - with new "perspectives" I can't even begin to (effectively) verbally express (in time ...). Venturing into new "territory", and feeling good about where it is, and where it will go (in God's good plan). Bravo Karen (and Lester)!  


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