Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Inn at 202 Dover, in Easton MD. Having fun with the "Jazz Brunch". My "station" is on the far right of the building, with the dining rooms taking up the left, front to back. Found myself on that other side of the building on Monday night, as a customer. Carol and I had an amazing (only way to put it) dinner. Afterward, Ron was both gracious and generous with his time as Carol enjoyed leaning about the history of the building (also amazing), and the renovations (2 million dollars later). Today, though, back to "work". This week begins my performances on the American Spirit in Cambridge (MD), and (pushed back a few days for technical difficulties) the release of the next "Thoughtful Pianist" lesson. Hopefully will get the newsletter out before Friday, when we return to the Milton Theatre for "Happiness ... A Thing Called Jazz - Take 2". Need to hit the ground running in the morning.


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