Thursday, June 03, 2010

 Now available!

Much of the excitement, momentum, and opportunity, over the last few months (and continuing) has been connected to my new trio. I think you'll agree (once you listen) that we we've created a "happy" vibe, with the new CD. There's lots to be happy about, actually. In my performing world, there are now 3 (separate) steady (weekly) engagements for the summer. Also some unique private performance opportunity (will probably be able to tell you more about that later), along with the usual. In addition to this summer being (in all likelihood) the busiest ever, there are numerous winding roads and paths that are poised to take me to new places in the fall (and beyond). Check out the new recording (and the increasing variety of live events, if you can make it). I think you'll walk away smiling. 


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