Monday, April 26, 2010

The first video in a 4 post playlist from the Milton Theatre concert: "Happiness ... A Thing called Jazz" (click through to the video, and read the description for the link to the playlist). Seems like a long time ago, as so many things are spinning around. It was a very successful evening, and it's sure that we will be able to keep this concept going. Right now, the focus of attention (or, perhaps, rising to the top of the many ongoing) has become the Beth McDonald concert at the Avalon Theatre on 5/15. Devoted a good part of the day to a rehearsal and (dinner) meeting with Beth, Mike, and Gary. Putting the finishing touches on what will be, for sure, another wonderful evening - some of it very different from the aformentioned concert - but every bit as strong. It's an exciting time, really - a time to keep the "catcher's mitt" handy.


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