Sunday, March 14, 2010

Here's a guy who's all heart, at the end of a long day, after a gig on which we worked hard (making the gig successful). Mike McShane is my hero. I think it's fair to say that over the last couple of years, Mike and I have learned, each from the other. It's not unlike the experience I had from 2003-2006 when I worked on staff (as Worship Arts Director) at a church with (Pastor) Jonathan Mills. Two people, having arrived at a similar place, from different directions/experiences/paths, growing from that starting point to a bond of vision, and purpose. Does this sound too lofty a description for a couple of "jazz guys"? This is a "calling" for us, you know (artistic drive is either that or a disease), and we take it seriously. Any sense of loftiness can evaporate quickly, though, when you consider that this is (also) how we put food on the table. Mike's a real-world guy, who knows how to get it done. The more we collaborate on both sides (the music and the business), the clearer that is to me. We're working on a lot (music and business) together (with more seeming to come at us all the time), and I'm happy for that. The next time you see that "Shore Jazz" is gigging at Bethany Blues (or anywhere else), you should come, and check out what I'm talking about. Thanks, Mike!



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