Monday, February 08, 2010

Crazy, huh? Six weeks after the "Blizzard of '09", comes the "Blizzard of '10" - except, this was bigger. Nearly 3 feet of snow in some areas. On Thursday (the day before the storm came), the Avalon Theatre postponed Beth McDonald's concert for Saturday. To my understanding, this is the first time they've ever cancelled a show 2 days out (now rescheduled for May 15). Turns out it was the correct call. Few attempted anything on Saturday, but to take in the spectacle (beauty), and hope the power stayed on. Pictures above were taken Sunday and Monday in (pseudo-)chronological order. Know what's even crazier? An even stronger storm is coming tomorrow (though somewhat/slightly less accumulation is expected. This most recent event was actually 2 consecutive storms: a wild Nor'easter, and decent sized follow up, with no break in between). Needless to say, gigging may become (even) more complicated.


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