Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time to troll the stores for a final pass, open to ideas and inspiration. Robbie had an idea: “If this were a boom box, I’d be totally gangster”. He enjoyed the fuzzy pillow. As I pause to think about it, this strikes close to what it’s all about (Charlie Brown - I just had to do that): Finding joy and contentment, in a (given) moment. Connecting with the expression around us. Linking sensory awareness to our deeper places. Among the many reasons I am proud of all my kids (my family), right up at the top is what I might call “arts awareness”. Creativity is not wanting in our home. In this regard, I feel like a “successful” parent. Colors, shapes, sounds - beyond yes/no, black/white, on/off. Perhaps now (pausing to think again), the real success is the balanced navigation of all of it. Finally, Robbie’s quote of the day (speaking to me): “Aren’t you glad they named coffee “Joe”, and the toilet “John”? Stand up comedy may be in his future (seriously).


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