Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sitting in the Panera Bread in Easton MD, between events, in the quiet between (the normal person's) lunch and dinner. Have enough of a break that I am hopeful to make significant progress on the October newsletter this afternoon. Have been informed today that yet another senior community is cutting back on my schedule (and, in fairness, this is happening across the board, as the pendulum has swung hard against existing activity budgets). This actually brings me to a good place, as it seems that the landscape may be just beginning to portray what may around the corner/bend that I am just beginning to enter. A significant chunk (but not, by a long stretch, all) of my enthusiasm is related to the new CD that will be released next week: "Stories Without Words". It is so different from anything else I've released, that I still don't know what to think about it with any objectivity. The biggest consideration, right now, is how well this recording will connect with those who hear, and to what extent this will move me beyond (add to, not replace) the older adult demographic. It really seems that it is time. Also, this morning, I was hit (pleasantly) hard with the sense that increased (solo) touring is also just around this bend. I can see it being nearly time for this as well. When Joe, Jr (my oldest) was very young (and the only child - now he is 20, with 2 younger siblings), Carol and I would put him in the car, and travel for up to 2 weeks at a time, often driving out to concerts in the Midwest. Today's realization also reminds me how much I/we enjoyed that, and would enjoy it again. There is, now, a weekend of concerts (2 churches so far) in southern Florida in later Feb, next year. Will see what else can be tagged on. If you find later, this described as a "winter tour", that means I probably succeeded. Lots of cool stuff is already planned. In the coming days and weeks, my posted schedule will reflect these new opportunities. Time to start typing...


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