Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finished the recording for Danny Tobias' first CD release (as a leader) on Monday afternoon. Had some wonderful musical moments as we moved through this project. Since then I've been up in York, PA for a few days away with my family. Saw a (professional) theater production of "The King and I" last night., with some very strong performances. The part that tripped me up was the "orchestra" with 2 members: a drummer, and the musical director - who played (what appeared to be) (sampled) orchestral parts over sequenced tracks. Sounded much like a high end theater organ. Fine, I guess, if you're your primary objective is to recreate the era that produced this musical. A disconnect for me. It worked, of course (played so "perfectly" it was kind of stale), but in the same way that my GPS "speaks" directions. Gets you there, but eventually you just want to hear a real person. Still a very nice evening.


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