Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Began music rehearsals last night for "Triumph of Love", opening on Sept 25 at Church Hill Theatre. Am more confident (but only somewhat less overwhelmed - left to my own emotions) going into this one, having last year under my belt. "Once on This Island" was my first musical in the capacity of musical director. Not that I didn't have appropriate experience, knowledge, or aptitude. It was just a new bag, and I was certainly the new kid on the block, attempting to "steer the ship" full of passengers, most of whom having made many similar journeys. In the arts, of course, you have many egos, but I was able to establish myself quickly, and gain the trust (with one exception) of cast and musicians. All things considered (this is community theatre), we really pulled it off, and (by all accounts) raised the bar for what is possible at CHT. A few months ago Steve Arnold (theatre director, and director of the production) posted our opening number on YouTube. I've enjoyed experiencing it again. If you missed the show, you really missed something. Try to do better this year :)


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