Friday, October 02, 2009

Another weekend for "Triumph of Love" at Church Hill Theatre. The orchestra catches some fresh air during intermission. From left to right: Trevor, Ian, Rebekah, Ron (sorry for the bad angle), and Jarvis. All excellent musicians, to a person, meaning that everyone pulls their own weight, and - we rock (actually a broad stylistic diversity that we authentically create)! Steve (Arnold - our grand poobah) will remind us that no one buys a ticket to the theatre to hear the orchestra. I'd say that's essentially true - as he says this to illustrate our role of support, rather than to draw attention away from the stage (except for our exit music, where we do assemble a little "crowd" on our side of the house, which will acknowledge us - which I take as recognition of a job well done, over the entire show). It's fair to say that we are providing fine support to an equally fine cast, and performance. Our crowds have been a little light thus far, but that's to be expected, at least initially, as this is a more contemporary, less familiar show to many. The word is spreading, though, and those who heed the word will be treated to a great show. Our local arts reviewer agrees: Better show up soon, before it's too late! We run through 10/11, and reservations are always recommended, especially for a final weekend.


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