Monday, December 14, 2009

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Received this the other day (letterhead cropped). I've known Linda since, probably, 1994, when I began "targeting" Senior communities for musical presentations (leading soon thereafter to a certification as a Music Therapist). She has, though the years, been a wonderful encourager and friend. Linda, at a deeper level than most, has always seemed to “get it”. Not because (I suspect) that she would consider herself a “jazz” fan (at least, exclusively), but that she is genuinely touched by the work, and movement of God around her. This is not to aggrandize myself as being in some special category. Rather, this is (more) validation, to me, of the connections music makes, which I interpret as being on a spiritual level. Her kind note also encourages me in the plunge toward a broadening and deepened expression. The cool part is that I’m just getting started. As the latest CD (“Stories Without Words) gains traction and (hopefully) generates cash flow, other projects are already prepared to document the continued evolution. 2010 looks to be the year that opportunities for solo (concert) performance expand, and gain the majority of public presentations. Not to diminish collaborative efforts, though. There’s some really cool stuff happening on that side as well. More about that later. For now, a big thank you to Linda, and an invitation to all to check out “Stories Without Words” (note: From this point forward, through the end of the year, all CD orders will be shipped priority mail. Orders placed by Monday 12/21 should arrive in time for Christmas).


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