Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hands are doing better, but not entirely. Still have some swelling, and discomfort, so will be seeing my family doctor tomorrow. Things are going the right way, though.

Lots going on, which, during the week generally includes music therapy related work in senior nursing/assisted living facilities. The last 3 days have been rather full in this regard. In one facility in DE, I enjoy seeing, each month, a friend/”fan” who is 101yrs old (!) Sharp as anything, and fun to talk with. This week, I met another centenarian in the same center (just turned 100 last month). After showing me her citations from the state government, and the White House, she recalled a question asked on her birthday: “To what do you attribute your longevity?” She replied, simply, “Hard work, and good food”. She then went on to define this in her own experience, centering around the farm on which she grew up. Hard work, and good food - sounds too simple, until you realize it makes more sense than anything. Makes me realize - not too simple, rather our lives have become much too ….


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