Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The morning after (there’s got to be one).

Stopped in to Wesley Hall, at Heron Point, in Chestertown (the atypical experience of having a performance venue in my town), after presenting music to the Health Center residents this morning. The piano has been moved back to it’s station after my concert last night. In that performance, as well as the Central Baptist Church event (this past) Saturday night, the (new) broader presentation of improv was, in my mind, successfully launched. An “unintended consequence”, so to speak, of all this is the juggling act of fitting everything in. In addition to performing jazz and popular standards, I’ll now present classical theme improv (ideally several selections), plus, at least one selection (from transcription) from “Stories Without Words”, a free improv, and the “A.D.D. Improv” (all in the same concert. Maybe A.D.D. best describes the entire evening, at this point). This is a new place for me, in exploring all the “realms”, and integrating them in performance. Looks like my mission for 2010 is to learn the landscape. The possibilities are intriguing, and exciting.


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