Sunday, December 27, 2009

Returned to the Presbyterian Church of Chestertown sanctuary late this afternoon to spend a little time practicing the organ. It is truly heart-warming (for me) to have the opportunity to attend worship that is God-focused, especially at Christmastime. My cell phone camera does not do justice to the stained glass cross patterns, and the dimming daylight hides the cheerful warmth of the service this morning. I wonder, sometimes, how Christmas in our culture sustains itself, with (seemingly) so few placing emphasis on it's traditional meaning. Attending worship at Christmastime (Christmas Eve, and Christmas Sunday) is far from a ritual, or an obligation, for me. It is essence. I am where, I believe, I should be. Have been a "civilian" in church (a "regular guy" in the pew) for several years now, and it's a happy place.


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