Thursday, January 28, 2010

OK, this never happens. Actually it does, but seldom. I zip down this (pseudo-back) road often, seldom (consciously) paying mind to the railroad tracks. I sometimes call the Eastern Shore of Maryland (especially in the Chestertown area, where I live): "instant Iowa" - just add water (of which the Chesapeake Bay provides plenty). Very close to "Megaloplis", on one hand, very far removed on the other (owing to the aforementioned water). You can see that this is one of these rural crossings: no lights, bells, gate. It's also a 50mph speed limit. After the moment it took my brain to connect that - “yes, it really is a (12-15 car) train“, I just stopped the car and stared (no hurry, no one behind me). I could imagine me (or someone) spacing it, and plowing into the train. There are many opportunities to acknowledge (God's) providence (however we may imagine it constructed). Also, sometimes it’s nice to just stop and stare.


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