Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pre-show prep (w/ Beth McDonald) for the annual "Women Helping Women" fund-raising concert at the Prince Theatre (Chestertown) last evening. Was privileged to (again) serve as "musical director" for the performance (Sue Matthews was the Executive Producer) - which included all the top (women) stage performers from the area. The show was a smashing success, in every regard. Personally, I am often most comfortable in the role of accompanist, making the connection with the performer, in collaborative support. I think it's fair to say that we all were comfortable, and very pleased with the evening. This was my 3rd appearance on this stage in 5 days, including my solo concert - "Spontaneous Joy" - on Saturday (more about that later). Speaking of concerts, looking forward now to the "breakout" show for the "Joe Holt Trio", at the Milton (DE) Theatre, on April 17th. Things continue to fall into place, including Beth McDonald "regrouping" for her rescheduled concert at the Avalon Theatre (May 15th), and hiring my trio (personnel) for her core band. Working now on a new "Joe Holt Trio" CD to release at the Milton on 4/17, and a new - all originals - CD for Beth to be available for her 5/15 show. Good stuff!


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