Monday, February 15, 2010

After some major sidetracking from two big time snowstorms, leaving nearly 5 feet of snow in a weeks time (a record by far. This is eastern Maryland, not northern Alaska, or some mountain ski resort), my gigging life is returning to normal (even as I hold my breath). My (newly formed) trio worked 3 nights this past (Valentine's) weekend, at the Kitty Knight House, and it was a great experience. We're 3 guys, each with strengths and weaknesses, learning what works for us. My "suspicions" that we could (first) find common ground in the "Erroll Garner bag" were proved accurate in the 2 or so hours we spent "getting acquainted", a few weeks ago (click here for video). This past weekend was our next (and a significant) opportunity to explore the boundaries of all this. What we are all left with is the sense of a very "healthy" situation, both musically, and personally. For all of the dysfunctional (frankly) situations I've found myself in (as a sideman) over the years, this one (at the outset) stands in contrast. Gary and Mike are good guys, good players, and good friends. I'm looking forward to what the future (or, as I am inclined to say, "providence"), has in store. Speaking of the future, I leave in the morning for my driving trip to Florida (2 concerts in Fla, and one in NC on the way). As in the past when on the road, I'll try to check in often (daily if possible). Enjoying the new adventures.


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