Monday, March 15, 2010

It is well established in my nature to be blinded (at times) to the red flags of practicality. I’m a dreamer; born, perhaps, with (metaphysical) rose-colored glasses attached to my head. Even thru those lenses, however, reality eventually becomes unavoidable.

Yesterday was the last broadcast of “Joe Holt’s Notes on the Radio” (at least for now - in it’s current form). Because it was a decision I made after recording the show for 3-14, it’s not mentioned on the program (but will be noted on the website, where most hear it). This was a concept I’d had for many years, and when shown by Norman Satchell (who still hosts a jazz show on Monday nights on WNJC1360am in South Jersey) how I could make it happen, I went for it, beginning in Feb, 2006. After about a year later I added WKDI840am, in Denton MD, soon thereafter, dropping the NJ station, and focusing on making connections thru the website archive. The vision I had, of using media to facilitate increased connections and a larger audience, really took hold when I began posting on YouTube, in June of 2007. It became quickly apparent that video posting was accomplishing my objective (though “vision” may be a better word. Sometimes I am anything but objective), much more so than radio. Nonetheless, I soldiered on, aided by 2 wonderful friends: Rob Hilty (show engineer), and Mike McCoy (station manager at WKDI. Eventually, though, the “red flags of practicality”, even if not seen thru the rose lenses, eventually announce their presence, as they wrap themselves around your ankles (this exercise of tripping over one’s self is avoided by most “sighted” people). What will happen (in this regard) beyond the present is out of my view. What is evident today, though, is the continued leading of God, and ongiong rapport with exceptional people.


Blogger William Ingram said...

I thought I had . . . case in point.
Enjoyed your Florida gig, trust even though you are stopping the radio program, I'll find you in "archives."

Monday, March 22, 2010  

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