Saturday, April 17, 2010

Last Sunday, the "Jazz Brunch" that was expected to begin months ago, began, suddenly. Or, practically so, with a week's notice. The Inn at 202 Dover (in Easton MD, not Dover) is a lovely destination, with a beautiful piano (the owner's) in the parlor. The acoustics are such that the sound carries well throughout the entire first floor (which includes the dining room). The Brunch will need a little time to latch on to people's awareness, and plans, but we're hopeful for an upward trend beginning Sunday - actually, not tomorrow, as the clock hit midnight just before I clicked "publish". Speaking of tomorrow, this is one of those circumstances (that I'm sort of getting used to) where there is a concert with soft advance ticket sales. Last time this happened to us at the Milton Theatre (where the Joe Holt Trio headlines the show this weekend), we maxed the house. In other words, Joe, over the next 2 days, prepare for anything.


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