Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Since I’m posting video, I just came across this today. Was aware that someone with a camera recorded portions of the “Women Helping Women” concert in February at the Prince Theatre - and here’s the proof. Melissa McGlynn can be found often on the local stages, and she has a presence all her own. This is fun to revisit (as it was fun to play), as I seldom find myself in situations doing tunes like this. The problem is not that I can’t (which I hope is obvious), but just that I have been (almost) ridiculously underexposed to pop/contemporary music culture at many times and places in my life. When I find myself on something other that a jazz/standards gig, it often happens that I (alone) will encounter songs for the first time, that everyone else in the room could sing in their sleep. This one I had at least heard before (though never played). Also - I like playing solo piano and demonstrating that you don’t always need a rhythm section :)


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