Monday, May 03, 2010

Yesterday, at the brunch gig, I told Ron (innkeeper) that “restaurant gigs” are not what I’m interested in perusing (as a solo pianist). When it seemed appropriate, however, to consider such an ongoing presence (in my general area), I landed on “The Inn at 202 Dover” as the only destination (in my awareness) that worked for me (Dave Ross and I have played at the Inn for New Year's Eve the past couple of years - and some months ago, I approached the owners with my thoughts). Actually, it more than works - it’s perfect. The Inn is a beautifully restored mansion in Easton, MD, where Ron and Shelby Mitchell have channeled their love for art, beauty, and elegance, and share it (and themselves) with all who visit. The first floor contains the dining room (more spacious than you would think), kitchen, conservatory, and other “nooks and crannies”, including the parlor in the front corner of the Inn where Ron’s grand piano lives. On Sunday mornings, it becomes my “station”, where I now (also) have the opportunity (in the spirit of the Inn) to share my love for art and beauty, as best as I can express it. The music makes it’s way subtly (but noticeably) into the dining room. After a delightful meal, you can make your way (subtly or not; your choice) into the parlor, and relax for a while on the comfortable sofa (and stump me with all your requests I’ve never heard of - hopefully not). I’m sure you will find the Sunday Brunch a refreshing experience, the next time you find yourself in the neighborhood.


Anonymous Rhonda Apple said...

Sounds wonderful! I wish I could come hear it. I would really like to work with you someday.
Rhonda Apple

Tuesday, May 04, 2010  
Blogger Joe Holt said...

Thanks, Rhonda! Hopefully soon...

Tuesday, May 04, 2010  

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