Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's fun to watch your kids come into their own. Earlier this week, Charie' was awarded the "Presidential Scholarship" to Chesapeake College, and now gets a full ride (tuition and books) for 2 years. Yay (and whew!). This with 2 (p/t) jobs, dual enrollment (attending classes at both high school and college), All AP classes at the high school, a new boyfriend (hmmmm), and as much of a social life as she can manage. Sleep?

And, check out the handsome guy in the bottom photo. Robbie (now taller than me) and (long-standing) girlfriend (ouch, says the dad) Brandy, going to the Middle School (8th grade) "formal". Next year, high school for these two, F/T college (and who knows what else) for Charie', and more arts-related adventures for Joe, Jr (not pictured) in North Carolina. Very proud of my family.


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