Friday, July 23, 2010

One thing that I haven’t done (to any real extent) for many years, is work the “steady” gig. Not that I’ve been (necessarily) opposed to it, but that my attention has been focused in other places. I made an exception to my own “rule” last year, when I initiated the discussion with Ron Mitchell at the Inn at 202 Dover (which eventually led to the Sunday Jazz Brunch). Then, John Ewart (pictured above, along with Mike McShane) put together a regular Saturday at Beseme, in Lewes, DE for the “Shore Jazz Trio“. Shortly thereafter, John landed a regular Friday at Rupert’s, In St Michaels (Mike usually books/manages the gigs, so this has been a fun, “left field” kind of thing). If you’re local to the area, check it all out! Looking forward to some good energy at Ruperts this evening!


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