Tuesday, June 15, 2010

 This has been quite a couple of weeks, in the Holt household. Charie' is now a high school graduate (!), Joe, Jr (and Simone, pictured) paid a surprise (to Charie') visit for graduation weekend (everyone else was nervous that they were going to be the one to make the slip, and ruin the surprise, but no one did). Then right into the opening of Robbie's first "adult" stage production (dress rehearsal photo in character, as Noah Claypole), then, last night, Robbie's 8th grade advancement (welcome high school!). 2 more weekends of shows for Robbie (who is impressing everyone, notes the proud papa), otherwise, things are settling down a bit here. "Gigging" (for me) ramps up this weekend, and (thankfully) stays in gear for the rest of the summer. More on that soon. Papa is proud of Joe (who is making huge strides in his visual arts endeavors in NC), Charie' (now a college girl), and Robbie ("Consider yourself...well in...")!  


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