Sunday, September 05, 2010

Another "Facebook find", actually from earlier this year. Tom Wade (Mr. Wade to me) was on the faculty of the music department of Glassboro State College (now Rowan University) during my undergraduate adventures, and for a time, was the music department chair. Safe to say, he was the teacher with whom I had the deepest rapport (also safe to say, that many others were blessed similarly). Many conversations remain embedded in  my mind (and spirit). One, in particular, when I was seated next to Mr Wade in the recital hall while a guest (jazz) pianist was flexing his "vocabulary" on stage. He then coined the phrase "harmonic grandstanding", asking 'Where is the love in that?". Once we reconnected, Tom (I guess I can say that now, it's just weird) poked me with a few questions, and now we've picked right up, as if we hadn't left off (with a growing thread of e-mail exchanges exploring the spiritual dimensions of music performance). Now, though, with a few (?) more years (yeah, like nearly 30) of experiences, it becomes like an exchange of peers. Thinking about it, though, that's how it was "back in the day", and what, I'm sure, endeared Mr Wade to so many of us; he treated his students with respect and dignity (showing us the "love in that"). Best I can tell, his retirement is recent, as this picture (from a graduation ceremony) is dated as 2009. Now, time to get working (and thinking) on my response to his latest e-mail. Several years from now, maybe a book?       :)


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