Thursday, August 19, 2010

Have a few weeks off the cruise boat now. Really enjoyed Tuesday night, and the solid connection and rapport with the passengers. One gentleman said afterward: "Did you know that the people are leaving younger than when they came in?" Cool! In these performances, and in general, I sense myself getting ever deeper (and more reliably) into that detachment place (where, as Kenny Werner puts it, you "observe yourself" playing). It's something that for all these years, I'd been going in the wrong direction (toward myself, rather than "away") to try to dig more deeply. I guess that when you dig, you get dirt! And, when you float away, you can swim in the clouds! When I finally began to understand that "concentration" is the barrier, and not the portal, the light began to stream into the room (of my space). Still many barriers remain, but finally, an opening; that I can reliably return to, time after time. Again - cool!  


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