Sunday, November 07, 2010

To everything there is a season, and now the seasons change. Since my food court days (as "Picnic Pianist" in the Cherry Hill Mall for the better part of 11 years, beginning in the mid "80's), I have not pursued or performed "steadies", as many musicians do. Instead, my focus has been (and contiunes to be) on concert and stage opportunities (and for much of this time, until recently, a busy Music Therapy related schedule). This Summer, however, was different. Fridays in St Michaels, and Saturdays in Lewes with Shore Jazz - Sundays in Easton for solo Jazz Brunch, and roughly one (week)night a week on the cruise ship. Now, with the last cruise show this past Wednesday, the season is (essentially) closed. Remember (if you have kept up with this blog) Courtney and the piano scarf (see 8/6 post)? I was presented with the scarf this week after the season's last performance (for me). One upside of the schedule change is the opportunity to again attend the Sunday morning worship service at my church. Very happy to be back (in the pew, as a civilian) this morning. Very moving actually. Still much to do, and grateful for all the opportunities. 


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