Thursday, October 28, 2010

While the trio continues to find it's voice, and gain a foothold, the solo path continues to grow as well. Having the chance to perform my "Spontaneous Joy" concert so many times for American Cruise Lines this Summer and Fall (in addition to the public shows) has given me the opportunity to get to know this space. One of my goals that is becoming realized, is the increased presence of Classical (theme) improvisation in these events. It has become very comfortable, very quickly. As the cruise performances (pictured above) wind down for the season, I'm looking forward to continuing on this path in concert performances (already on the books) at the Downs Cultural Center, Avalon Theatre, Darlington Arts Center, and others. Of course, I perform solo all the time, often several times in a day (the majority of my performances remain out of the public view). The real excitement for me is in the growth - not just in venue opportunities, but (especially) in the depth and breadth of expression. I feel the connection most everywhere I go now. What a blessing!  


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