Thursday, December 16, 2010

Meet Jay Heath. Had a really nice duo gig with him last night (corporate holiday party - the kind of thing that flies under the radar from public view, as many events do). Have known Jay for some time, but seldom perform with him (which can be said for the the vast majority of local musicians, as I've never sought to be well networked in this community, and most of my engagements are solo). My first real opportunity to stretch out with him, quickly leading to the realization that there is (at least some) common bond in how we go about connecting with the music (and each other). Honestly, I don't have (a strong) sense of this with too many musicians (which is meant to be a commentary on me being, it seems, out of the mainstream, in some regard, and not a deficiency in anyone else). One big difference between Jay and I, is that he made the (responsible and pragmatic) decision to put his horn down and "go to work", leading him (with his wife Denise) to open Middletown Music back in 2002 (voted Delaware's favorite music store, and for good reason. I always recommend them). I feel for Jay, as I understand the longing (need) to express one's self on whatever contraption we have learned to manipulate, but I respect him too, for allowing his feet to be brought near enough to the ground to do what makes sense (even if only to him). As for the playing; last night was the kind of experience that is generally a prelude to a growing artistic camaraderie. Am looking forward to where this may go. Of course, we both already have ideas ...    


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