Thursday, November 18, 2010

The time is come, in my path, to face (and embrace) one of those seasons of challenge, common to us all. Last week, on Monday, family concerns abruptly avalanched over my tenuous "structures", and redefined the landscape. The purpose of this entry is not to detail these challenges. We all face them (or we will). It is, rather, to plainly state what (hopefully) has been the foundation of my "understanding" (in all that I have written here, albeit often tacitly): that God is sufficient, and His plan is right. The "still small voice" is not an attainment, but rather, an eternal presence. It's always been my understanding (as I have shared in this public journal, now, over the years) that, as I mature in performance, I’m really learning life lessons, that apply everywhere. The mind of the artist is often complicated (particularly in the view of those blessed with feet that actually touch the ground), but I am blessed with the gift of (an ability to) trust, as I let go. As I have "re-entered life", over these last few days, I sense the scent of refining fire, and the evidence of grace. And that’s what it’s all about (Charlie Brown).


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