Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Working on the finishing touches to my December newsletter. I kind of like how it starts off (as I am often uncreative and 'blah' at this point):

Christmas Time is Here

My favorite time of year. Hope it is a good season for you as well. I always look forward to it's coming (or put, another way, the only bad part about the Christmas season, to me, is that it has an end). This year, though, it's even better. As awareness and connection deepen from the piano, it remains with me when I stand up from the bench. If I didn't know it before, I now understand that the piano is where I learn: the desk at which I sit, as a student of creation, divine will, and purpose. Perhaps you will see a smile on my face more often these days. Awareness and connection will do that to a person, and, if not always a smile, a sense of serenity (easily lost, of course, the moment my feet touch the ground).

Hoping it's a happy season for you, and that you enjoy the tune.


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