Saturday, March 10, 2012

A view of the Cabaret room at Germano's after my show last night. This is a wonderful restaurant and performance venue. I'm impressed, at every level. A bit of a rough night (inside of my own head), but eventually, I think my presentation went the right way. An ongoing issue with my (attempt at an eclectic) improvisation concert has been how to represent it. This was the first performance under it's new banner: "A.D.D. Improvisation". A gentlemen commented after the performance that, based upon the program description (copy which I submitted), he thought I would performing ala Dorothy Donegan (which was actually quite a compliment), but it wasn't that at all. As appropriately representing this concert has been a work in progress, I was very interested in his opinion, and asked if he thought the description was misleading, or untrue. His response: "inadequate". I owe the gentleman (whom I don't know) a debt, both for encouraging me along this (dimly lit) path, and helping me better understand what this performance is all about. This week, I will be re-writing the copy, as I look forward to the next performance of "A.D.D. Improvisation" (on 4/23, at St. Margaret's Church in Annapolis).
Am grateful for old friends who support me, and new friends who find me. Grateful also for those who maintain a commitment to the performing arts, and presentations of substance (to which I aspire). Thank you Cyd Wolf, for the wonderful opportunity to perform at The Cabaret at Germano's.


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