Sunday, March 18, 2012

Took this last Sunday, after the service at the Presbyterian Church of Chestertown, and now more than a week has gotten away from me (but that's a story for another time). Had the privilege of filling in for Kate Bennett (our music director, who was away last weekend). You know how you can have a subtle little itch, that can slip under the surface of conscious awareness, even for a long time, and then, for some reason, you scratch it. Okay - NOW it itches. You may recall, some time ago, when I took a crack at re-engaging my organ chops. I eventually concluded that taking practice time away from the piano (at least at this point) to devote to another instrument (in an attempt to ascend to the level of mediocre) was probably not the best call. So, back to the piano, and for me, memory lane. Felt a special connection in the service, as is often the case. Will I ever return to working in this realm again? As God's providence unfolds, I may be the last to know.


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