Monday, March 26, 2012

This was fun to find, in the local thrift store (Women in Need, in Chestertown) over the weekend, for several reasons. Bob Havens was the reason I watched the Lawrence Welk Show (as annoyed as the program made me, at times) while growing up. He's not quite the super crisp player that he once was, but he's still out there doing it! This recording is a typical indie CD, where the performer puts together a product, (often to) primarily to sell at gigs. When I was on the trad jazz festival circuit with the Midiri Brothers, pianist Jeff Barnhart (who knows how to work it) would suggest, at the end of each of his sets, that the audience members pick up a "souvenir" CD. This CD is in that vein. Not sure that it was ever actually played, though the shrink wrap was missing, so Bob could autograph it. It all just kind hits close to home. Oh the life we lead ...


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